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Davy Harwood In Transition (2000)

Davy Harwood in Transition (2000)

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About book Davy Harwood In Transition (2000)

Loved this book, really starting to get it to the series :) the only thing I didn't like and someone correct me if I'm wrong, is the part where Davy asked roan if she should tell Tracey about talias baby, when didn't Davy steal the photo of talia and her baby from Tracey's bag? Wouldn't that suggest that Tracey already knows? Otherwise loved this book and love tijans writing! read so many books by this author and love them all :) So, the last week was all about Tijan. This woman can write! Yes, there is always a similar plot line. A kick ass girl who gets the hottest kick ass guy, her friends, will soon be her past friends and there will be one maybe two good friends in the end. I know what lots of you think and I normally agree that an author should show different colors. But Tijan does exactly that. She always creates another world and it always captivates me till the end. And I love that same plot!! I love kick ass heroines in a book (and I mean the real ones not the ones who are just pathetic and wanna be heroines- Tijan gets them just right!), I love adult books and there is just always enough of that and gladly not too much and I love hot heroes ;-). I just enjoy these kind of books so much and I do not have to worry before buying any of Tijan's books cause I know they're perfect for me.Now, especially this series hooked me up from the very first line again. And I do love books with magic, vamps and weres. That is why I devoured the first two parts of this series and am shocked to see that there is no third book yet! Why isn't there a new one yet? (I'm begging you Tijan, please write and publish the third one!) I'm absolutely positive that this is her very best series and I read all the others already. If you like it witty, sensual, intellectual, funny, heartbreaking and true, than this is your book.

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I can't believe this ended like this....WHAT?? I want book 3 like now!!!

What happened to book 3? Jaded was the same. No closure!


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