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Heart Of Venom (2013)

Heart of Venom (2013)

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Gin Blanco returns in book nine of the Elemental Assassin series. This time around Gin is dealing with her friend being abducted. Sophia was taken by a crazy man named Harley Grimes, who kidnapped her in the past to tortured her and hasn't gotten over that fact that he didn't break her before she was rescued. This time around you get to see how dark and twisted JEstep's villains can be.I was kind of surprised by our leading lady and how she acted in Heart of Venom. Don't get me wrong, I can understand why, but it was unlike her. Gin has always been a calm, calculating assassin, but since this time it is personal, she rushes and has to figure things out as it goes. She does have the help of her friends, but I wasn't sure how it was all going to play out.There are several bits of character growth in Heart of Venom, one being finally getting more information on Sophia. Her character has always intrigued me, and previous books had only given glimpses of details of her past. I was sad to hear her story, but I can understand her character a lot better now. Another instance is Owen, the love interest. I was kind of pissed off the last few books due to Owen. He made a colossal mistake and I was glad to see him prove himself. I really like his character, and hope Gin and Owen manage to make it work in future books. The Elemental Assassin series is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series that I've read so far. It has a bit of everything I could ask for, romance, strong friendships, and a hunky love interest. I highly recommend this series if you haven't read it yet. I think this is my fave. I couldn’t put it down and stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish. Between the rescuing Sophia (who I love) storyline and the Gin/Owen parts, it was incredible. Some of the ways Gin uses her elements in this are cool. Lots of food. (I love chocolate.) But not as much previous story repeating. I think Ms. Estep has finally gotten the hint that we know what happened and want to move on. Lots of fascinating back flashes though. I love how they all connect throughout the books, like Fletcher could see the future and knew what she’d need after he was gone. The spa day seems kind of awkward to me. I mean, really, Gin and a beauty parlor? But then it’s probably due to the fact that it’s not completed and interrupted. After Sophia gets there the action erupts and everybody gets involved one way or another. I love that we finally get Sophia’s story. How she ended up the way she is. I feel so sorry for her. It’s surprising how she’s coped and manage to overcome the experience. She’s a strong woman. I think Grimes, and his sister Hazel, are the cruelest of all Gin’s enemies so far. Their tortures and crimes remind me of the Nazi doctors. Hazel gets off way too easy. And Grimes is gruesomely sick and lives in a dream world. Even the way his men live is awful. You’d think he could have provided a little better quarters for them. I’d hate to be on the cleanup crew at Grimes compound and see the grisly discoveries there. I’d jump off the cliff also. It’s a quicker, less painful death and the percentage of survival is a lot higher. Especially with what’s waiting for her at the end. Even though I’m glad that Gin and Owen are back together, (and I understand why) he’s still going to need some time for me to completely trust him. His stoic acceptance of what she had to do on their journey, shows that he’s now able to handle it and that he understand her actions with Salina He seems to be determined to show her that he’s realized the mistakes he’s made and get back if not her, at least her friendship. They’ve made the first step. But like Gin says ‘the moments are important’. You never know how much longer you have with someone and it’s not worth the mental anguish. So they decide to put it all behind them and move on. Gin’s not completely over it all, but is willing to try. Fave scenes: Gin’s ice sheet and her jump off the cliff, Owen finding her, then sacrificing himself for her.

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I'm hoping that this series finishes soon that's the real reason I keep reading them!

Over the top with slightly cliched writing, this was still a fun, quick read.

meh and double meh.

4.5 stars

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