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Poison Promise (2014)

Poison Promise (2014)

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Sometimes I wonder if the Spider is getting a little too sappy for her own good. The big fight sequence with Benson; turns out she did at the end what she could have accomplished at the very beginning without all the time consuming bashing back and forth. She used her stone magic. Then killing a vampire like any other human being. Odd, didn't think a vampire could be killed in such a way so easily. I don't know, seems the Spider is becoming more YA with each novel. Is Gin losing her excitement and creativity or is it just me? The setup for the next novel was much more interesting, perhaps giving a spark of excitement in the earlier episodes. I have my hopes up. 3-1/2 - 4 rating. You would think that by now that I would have lost some of the excitement I feel when I see that there is a new Elemental Assassin book out but not a bit. This series continues to pull me in and often keeps me reading way, way into the night. Even though murder is the word of the day, these books have an even flow that makes them an easy one day read. I do feel they are getting a bit repetitive in the action and hope that Estep mixes it up more as they are getting pretty predicable. I miss the twists that I had come to expect from this story and though we get a bit closer to solving the Mab Monroe mystery, it’s not near as exciting as it once was. The characters seemed a bit one dimensional this time around which was really disappointing. They just didn’t have the fire and depth that I have come to expect from Estep.

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Why does every author have to make a victim out of a strong female character lead?

This story was way better then the last one.

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