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Magie Krve (2012)

Magie krve (2012)
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Magie Krve (2012)
Magie Krve (2012)

About book: The Kate Daniels Magic Series of books by by Ilona Andrews (a husband-wife writing team) are incredible. It is a captivating series about Kate Daniels, a mercenary who helps to clean up messes caused by magic in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta. Kate is tough as nails with a sarcastic streak, but vulnerable as well. She fights monsters with her trusty magic sword (because it always works) and tries to keep a low profile because of her heritage - if it comes out who she is, people will want to kill her. In this fourth book of the series, the secrets that Kate has been hiding about her heritage are revealed, and she is beseiged. Kate is slow to trust people, but throughout the series she begins to form relationships with others, including the Beast Lord who is the leader of the Pack of shapeshifters. All characters are well written, unique and authentic, even small supporting characters. This is one of my favorite all time series; well worth reading. 5 Stars: This one was absolutely fantastic. I admit I got a little annoyed with Curran about a third of the way through, but then the rest of the book made up for it. I loved the mystery of cloaked figure who was trying to start epidemics. I loved getting more when it comes to romance. I love how the romance in these books in particular is riddled with so many complications and that the two main characters aren't perfect. I also thought learning more about Roland was fantastic. Overall, I just keep getting more and more impressed by this story. I think the pacing is fantastic and cannot wait to read the next installment! This series is a new favorite of mine! I will say, however, that I wanted more Jim and Derek in this one!
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This series just keeps getting better and better!
Another good yarn with Kate in trouble as usual.
Four books in and I'm still loving this series.
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