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O Teste - Uma Introdução (2014)

O Teste - Uma Introdução (2014)

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About book O Teste - Uma Introdução (2014)

This barely qualifies as a short story! Most of it is the beginning of The Testing so there is really only about 10 pages of new material.It seems weird to include the first chapters of The Testing because I'd guess that the vast majority of people who download this book do so because they have already read The Testing and want more.It is told from Cia's brother's point of view but we really don't learn anything new or get any additional insight into his character. Too bad. Wow that was really shortand gave very little insight into the full story that is the bookI hope it's enough to pull readers in though. It's really great series so far.I've already read book 1, so this was just interesting information for meBut if you're trying to decide if you want to read the book, the story is SO much more than this previous gives you. Give it a chance.

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In general, I don't think most prequels are necessary reads but this was free on Amazon.

Really short but explains why Cia's brother Zeen acted the way he did. It's free!!

I would have liked what Zeen did on Cia's graduation day included.

I loved this book!

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