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Graduation Day (2014)

Graduation Day (2014)

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0547959214 (ISBN13: 9780547959214)
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I liked this series because it teaches some valuable lessons about how far we can trust our leaders, however I feel that there was entirely too much death and destruction. The book also allowed too many secrets to be kept for the populous. I think that the moral would have been better served if Cia was allowed to have more time to think, to learn more about what was happening in her society and to come up with some of her own solutions to their problems. She was often manipulated by the adults she was around. I really enjoyed this series (obviously I went through them really quick.) There weren't any major concerns I can think of. It's really annoying how she spells certain things (Like Rychard/Tomas/Michal) and it's weird how she's Cia but she has a friend names STAcia... maybe I'm being picky. Twas good. Also the message and the rebellion was kind of confusing. But I liked how she showed that not everyone was a good guy/ bad guy. It was a neat idea. If you like divergent/hunger games you will like this.

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I couldnt even finish the whole thing. She describes to much, everything is in Cia's head.

Excellent twist at the end. I didn't see it coming, but it makes sense in hindsight.

I thought this was a satisfying conclusion to the Testing series.

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