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Celestra Forever After (2014)

Celestra Forever After (2014)

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About book Celestra Forever After (2014)

As soon as I started reading this book, it was like it wasn't the first in the series. There were so many characters and things that were mentioned that weren't explained that I spent most of my time trying to figure out who was who instead of being able to let the plot flow, which only confused me more. There's even a character/term dictionary in the back, but it still didn't help. I love Addison Moore and couldn't figure out why she'd done this. I just got finished with the Countenance series and knew that this one continued from it, including some of the same characters. But who were all of these other characters and why did she throw them at me with no explanation of who they were? And the fact that different people called them by their first names while others used their last names only made it worse. Just when I was about to give up on this book, I came here—to goodreads—to see if it was just me or if others were confused, too. It just wasn't like Addison to do this. LO AND BEHOLD...The characters from this book are the same characters from Addison's Celestra series! And what's bad is that I've READ that series! However, I read it when it came out in like 2011, so of course they sounded slightly familiar, but it didn't click. Now that I know, though, I'm like 'Yeah, I remember them!'. So, if you've not read the Celestra series, DO NOT read this one! I'm actually going to go back and re-read the Celestra series and come back to this one. So, what I can tell you from what I've read so far is that this book still flows and resonates Addison's brilliant writing style. Even though I've been confused most of the time, I still kept on reading, wanting to know what was going to happen next. And I know that the next time I read it that I'm going to love it because it's going to flow like crystal clear water, since I'm not going to be questioning who everyone is. Nephilim, Fems and naughty Sectors. Oh My! Celestra Forever After by the talented Addison Moore is here and I couldn’t be more excited. All is well in my happy book world. Skyla’s back and as always she has more men than she knows what to do with. But that’s ok; we can just sit back and enjoy the ride. So much is revealed in Celestra Forever After that I can honestly tell you it’s nice to finally be out of the dark and not left guessing. But sometimes ignorance is bliss, just ask Skyla. If Skyla ever tires of certain Sector bidding for her attention I could always take him off her hands. That’s how real Addison’s books read. As a reader we get sucked in for a rollercoaster ride and we hang on for dear life. You’ll laugh, cry, fall in love and get really angry. That’s what makes it so good and hard to put down.

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So so good and I'm heartbroken for Gage! Love him to pieces! Can't wait for the next book!

Great continuance of Skyla's story. I can't wait for the next book.

AMAZING!!!! There, enough said. READ this book ASAP!!!

I can't wait!!!!!


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