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Elysian (2000)

Elysian (2000)

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So this one I like a little more then the last 3 book, however it was still the same old thing going on as in the last 5 books. Okay I got that she loved all 3 guys, that she could choose between them, how did I see that she was eventually going to be granted a life where she is with all three of them eventually! I mean come on, isn't she a lucky gal. But really I feel like Gage has gotten the short end of the stick the whole time and he was the one that was specifically put in Skyla's life to be destined for her, I mean the guy save himself completely even his kisses for her and she constantly was throwing him under the bus, running to logan when he was around and totally tearing him apart the whole time, but he still stayed faithful to her and now he even gave life 1/3 of his life away so logan can come back and be with her for a period of time. I mean come on he deserved to have a nice girl be granted into his life and have Skyla not be the girl for him because how he acted was exactly how he should have been granted in return, but no he get to be skyla's "first husband" for a few good years probably, they sadly will have no kids and then she will move to logan, have a child and then who knows she may have a child with marshall as well, when their "time" comes. She was also blessed I guess with having a sector love her since now she will not age a day because Marshall of course will want to enjoy her in her youthful state. Goodness. Then theres the whole parents having a baby thing, with her mom still swooning for the fem, I mean really! Talk about teaching people its okay to willing flirt and flaunt over another man who is not your husband, then theres the horrible example or using no protection with Drake in pregnanting 2 DIFferent girls! I mean really and freaken Skylas mom and step mom taking pretty much full custody of the first grand baby and Bri totally okay with not seeing her own child. WHat kind of F**ked up message was that!? A "Oh if you have a grandma figure who wants to take care of your kid because you decided you still want to be a teen and not take care of your own flesh and blood by all means leave him there and act like he's not your responsibility." The only good message that was really given was when Logan and Skyla got married before they had sex. I mean I love that they waited, finally a teen book where the main characters wait, emphasize on main! since all the other characters were going at it like bunnies in heat. But I am glad that they got married first, though I was super sad that Gage was not her first, I felt with all that he saved and did for her he at least deserved to be her first. But her mommy dearest apparently had a stronger poll and Logan won that. Thats what makes me sad, because logan did not wait for skyla or anything, he was a womanizer before she came, but I guess he also did not have the gift of knowing to keep in at bay to wait for the right person. Oh well... this book also ended just like I thought it would with no ending and leaving it off for another book, although in this case she is making a new series. Sadly I kind of want to see what the new series wil be like. I don't agree on the adult part, I feel Skyla will not grow up till shes like 25 with how she was acting this whole series. But I would like to see what life is like with each of her guys, the ups and downs with each relationship and if her and Gage are blessed with a child as well. God I hope so and I hope they get his black hair and blue eyes! Addison Moore has to be one of the most talented writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading her works before! She has drawn me into Skyla, Gage, Logan, Brielle, Marshall, and Chloe's world so deep, I have cried like a newborn throughout this entire series. From heartbreak, to terror, to life threatening peril, to love that eludes even heaven, this series has surpassed anything I have ever read before. TWILIGHT WHAAATT???? Pickup these books! Read these books! They are awesome and I would recommend them to ANYONE over the age of 16 to read! You are taken on a wild ride, that ends so unexpectedly, and I LOVE THAT!!!

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loved this entire series! hate to see it end but looking forward to the new series!

It was good but the story really is dragging out

looking forward to the next road in this tale.

Review to follow:)

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